Movebis GmbH founds subsidiary in Denmark, Copenhagen

Movebis GmbH is a Berlin-based mobility start-up whose innovative service Spyce enables spontaneous and planned hitchhikes in cities and rural regions for the first time.

What makes SPYCE unique is the spontaneity, flexibility and comfort that the platform offers drivers and passengers through the use of predictive functions based on artificial intelligence.

The SPYCE team consists of experts in UX design, APP development, automotive and marketing. Movebis GmbH has completed the first version for iOS & Android from its resources and is now entering the first financing round.

Denmark is the digital pioneer #1 in Europe. Digitisation extends into all areas of life. Citizens take care of their state and municipal affairs almost entirely digitally. The confidence of the citizens in the state is very high in Denmark – only in this way can projects such as the digital signature NemID be widely accepted.

After extensive testing, the analyst team of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recognised the Spyce start-up as very attractive for the Danish market. A comprehensive „onboarding program“ arranges necessary appointments with administrations and universities and thus makes it easier for Spyce to get in touch with decision-makers quickly.

Denmark and neighbouring regions in Germany, Sweden and Finland are the perfect markets for the launch of the Spyce service due to the particularly modern, digital mindset of the Danes.

Movebis GmbH has founded a subsidiary in Denmark: Movebis APS will be responsible for the launch in Denmark and will be available as a partner for Danish institutions.